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Pet Stains And Odor Treatment
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Water Damage Restoration
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Green Cleaning Alternatives
Green Cleaning Alternatives
Pet Odor Treatment

Carpet Cleaning Beverly Hills

Carpet Cleaning

Many American citizens are unaware of the importance of carpet cleaning, and even though it is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency, the many positive effects stemming from carpet cleaning are still under represented. Carpet cleaning first and foremost directly affects the quality of the indoor air you breath. When steam cleaning a carpet, the end goal of the treatment is not only to rid your carpet of dog hair, baby food, coffee stains, gum, play dough or another other potentially stain creating phenomenon waiting to ambush your beautiful carpet. Although this is certainly a nice side effect.

Pet Odor Treatment
5 Stars Reviewed IICRC Certification EPA Certification

The real goal of steam cleaning a carpet is to lift your carpet of potentially hazardous bacteria and allergens currently residing in your carpets, your carpet fibers, and essentially, your air quality. You see, carpets are made of several layers and the layers you can't see, the part closest to the carpet padding, make the perfect hideaway for any number of air pollutants. These bacteria are invisible so aside from allergic reactions and a very unattractive carpet, unless you are a professional carpet cleaner, you might never meet them face to face.

Its All About Air Quality

You might ask yourself why vacuuming isn't enough. Good question. Here's why. Vacumming generally targets surface layer debris, such as stepped on chips or left over spaghetti. While we encourage you to continue vacuuming, with all due respect, chips and spaghetti are not hazardous to your health. Accumulated dust and dried soil are in fact a huge contributing factor to poor indoor air quality and therefore have a direct effect on your respiratory and cardiovascular health.

Carpet cleaning is an excellent way to start addressing and purifying your home's air quality. If you are looking for a more profound air cleaning, we offer many additional services, like air duct cleaning, which will put you on the clean air path in no time.

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For a carpet cleaning that focuses on your quality of air rather than just external beauty, call Carpet Cleaning Beverly Hills today. And don't forget to ask about our free over the phone or on-site price estimate!


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Green Cleaning Alternatives
Green Cleaning Alternatives
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